Pratap International Schools where fortitude coupled with tenacity prepares your child to conquer the world.


A seed was sown decades back with the aim to contribute to the society by providing quality education to all without any discrimination of caste, creed or religion to the children from all walks of society.A humble beginning took the shape of an arborvitae and is now catering to the educational needs from Kindergarten to Class 12th. Introducing new era learning together keeping the roots entact we aim to deliver right education.
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Pratap International School

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Pratap International School

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Vision and Mission
You give us a toddler and we give you back a chiseled, polished global citizen who helps our country to be the world leader. We are a team of experienced and accomplished experts who consider each child as a precious and special individual created by God with different inherent qualities.Without compromising with our culture and values, we prepare conscientious global citizens with an edge over technology.
We endeavor to provide education that is convenient yet meets international standards in all aspects keeping abreast with the changing requirements of learning from time to time.

Honoured Moments




Students come to us from multifarious cultures. We need to address the diversity as well as various challenges of multicultural society; education is a major issue in contemporary times. It needs to be harmonized and in order to forge ahead with the challenging context of the society by providing education that is flexible enough; we don’t restrict our global philosophy to textbooks and seminars. It is practical and stretches out to encompass holistic character building of students. They are trained in universal values of kindness, honesty, truth, self-sacrifice, courtesy, politeness, discipline, compassion and other noble traits that lift a human being to the level of divinity and differentiate humans from animals through daily prayers, model classes etc.

Along with my dedicated team, I promise to help you bring your dreams to reality.


Shailendra Bhadauria ( Chairman )

Dear Students, Parents and Staff, I welcome you all to our new growing sapling to have lovely flowers at 'Pratap International School'. Every child is intrinsically talented but only a few succeed in giving expression to their latent potentialities. Here we have different co-curricular activities to nurture and enrich the talent of all the students to make them grow into a complete human being ready to face the challenges. The school aims at bringing students to work with excellence not as a matter of meeting targets but as a matter of habit which they inculcate throughout their lives. We rigorously aim to polish all abilities to shine considering all kids to be special in some or the other way. Pratap International School, in other words means creating an urge to learn and not telling them to learn purposely. I strongly believe that all Parents who are with us or will be with us in near future will find us always there to stand along with the way they want their child to grow. The school promises a fine blend of education. On behalf of my staff I commit, that your ward will walk out as a well groomed individual with a nourished spirit... a fine human being....God’s Best Creation. God Bless!


Surabhi Bhadauria ( Secretary )

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